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Timely Event Recaps: Why They Matter

This video is from the Internation Franchise Assoiciation's Annual Convention that was held in February 2022.

Why is it important to put out timely event recaps?

When people attend your event (conferences, corporate retreats, etc), it is often a super enjoyable time. Aside from gaining valuable knowledge during speaker sessions, they’re networking, connecting with new vendors, often in a different city than they work in, and overall having a great time! While it’s important to capture photos and videos of it all to share on social media and use as marketing tools for the next conference, the MOST important factor to consider is the immediate turnover of content.

The Emotional Reaction

If someone comes out of a session with Speaker A and is feeling energized after gaining a ton of new insight, they’re going to interact with your image of Speaker A that you just posted online and comment about their wonderful experience. Similarly with video, when you share the recap video from Day 1 in Day 2’s morning welcome email, people are going to want to share that video on their social media because they feel a form of EMOTIONAL connection to the video after having had such a positive experience on the first day.

Sure, you could post the overall event recap a week after the conference and people would see it and still interact, but they aren’t going to have the in-the-moment emotional connection to it and interact with it the same way they would when they are actively hyped up by it.

Finding a Dedicated Videographer

While photography is fairly easy to share immediately, turning over videography content that fast is TOUGH! A videographer has to go through all the footage, select the best clips, edit together a cohesive timeline, chose exciting music, color correct, run exports, and so much more! Finding a videographer that is willing to put in the extra work to turnover immediate content can be hard, but that is why Showmaker Productions is your best choice!!!

Carli Showmaker THRIVES at creating hype videos during live events! In the video you see above, Carli started filming at 5:30AM at a morning fitness event at a conference. She shot a full day of speaker sessions from 8AM-6:30PM, and then shot an evening of events that ran from 7:30PM-midnight. This video was sent out at 6:30AM the following day in the daily morning breakdown email. When you hire Carli Showmaker, she will make sure your content is exciting, energetic, entertaining, and turned over as fast as you need it to be!

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