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Event Videos

In franchising we have SO many events- from large conferences to company summits. If you're looking to attract more people to your event in the future, showing it off through a shareable social media video is a must!

Carli Showmaker comes from a background in shooting hype videos for college football. She LOVES capturing the energy of events and showcasing it in a way that gets people who were present excited and creates a sense of "FOMO" in people who weren't there.

IFA Convention Recap Day 1

This video was created after Day 1 of IFA Convention 2022 in San Diego, CA. From being up at 5AM to film franchise fitness, to filming until midnight to capture the evening events, Showmaker Productions was able to turn over this completed video by 6AM so that it could play the following day during the opening session.

Springboard Event Recap

This video recaps the entire 2021 Springboard event. Not only did a version of it play live during the event's closing session, but it was shared many times on social media afterwards by attendees. It created a conversation of "FOMO" online by people who weren't there to experience it in person, which boosted registration for the 2022 event.

IFA Convention Recap Day 2

Also from IFA Convention 2022 in San Diego, CA, this video captured the second day's events. Once again, it was turned over to the IFA marketing team in under 24 hours so that it was able to be shared in their email marketing and social media marketing that day.

Springboard Opening Video

Not a recap, but another example of video use within events. This client wanted to kick off their event with a MAJOR entrance. This video played to open up day 1 of the conference and set an amazing tone for the conference right off the bat!

Temple Made Days

This recap video followed a week full of events being held at Temple University. This video was created to highlight their week of different events and was used in email marketing to raise funds and awareness for the following year.

TUAA Networking Event

Cherry and White Networking Night is a well respected event that the Temple Alumni Association hosts each year. They wanted to capture the essence of the event and showcase the many interactions that happen at the event.

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