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Image by Sam McGhee

Branding Videos

After your short-form video marketing strategy draws prospective leads to your site, it's important to have a video on your website that captures your unique, authentic brand story. The best part? This can be filmed on the same day as the short videos!

Ducklings Early Learning

This video lives on the Ducklings franchise website. It's goal is to give more context behind the brand and tell stories of successful franchisees in order to increase interest in prospective franchisees.

Silvercrest Advertising

This video played at IFA Convention 2022 in San Diego, CA during the morning general session as a spot-ad for Silvercrest. It now lives on their website to explain their product. 

TownSquare Senior Care

This branding video was created for the consumer-facing side of the franchise. This video will be going on their website. We also cut 20+ short-form videos from the interviews we conducted over a 2-day filming period.

Families Behind The Badge

This video was created for a non-profit to live on their website. The video talks about an initiative they were running to promote safe, fun after school activities for local youth in a bad area of the city.

Bucks County School of Beauty Culture

This branding video lives on the website for this small local business. It was created to spark interest in new students for the beauty school.

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