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Machta Lemonade Recipe

Have you ever had the the need for an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up, but weren't in the mood for coffee? Bc SAME. I love coffee in the morning to wake up, and usually like a nice iced coffee later in the day! But some days, I'm just not feeling my caramel or french vanilla cup of goodness. When craving something more "refreshing," I swap out my coffee for a home made Machta Lemonade.

It's pretty simple to make.

All I use are Costco Organic Lemonade and a machta powder of choice. I picked up this one at TJ Maxx, but other versions are available on Amazon. Lastly, you'll need one glass for mixing, as well as a second glass/cup for transferring the mixed drink mixture and being able to shake with ice.

The trick to mixing it properly...

So, this is the only tricky part to this process. Machta is a powder that doesn't like to easily dissolve. Have you ever tried mixing cinnamon into liquid? Machta has a tendency to act very similar in that it DOES NOT want to mix with the lemonade. They do have a specific whisk that is made solely for preparing Machta tea. However, I'll be honest- I'm not that fancy. I'm still living on a college-style budget, so I mix the heck out of it with a spoon.

How To Make:

  1. 1. Pour lemonade into a cup

  2. 2. Add 2 tsp of Machta powder

  3. 3. Mix with a spoon as if your life depended on it

  4. 4. Once you break the barrier of the powder sitting on the surface of the lemonade, make sure you also start scraping the bottom of the glass bc the powder starts becoming thicker and settling down there. You don't want that to happen or else your first sip out of a straw will be a slimy lump.

  5. 5. Transfer mixture into a cup with ice and a shakeable lid. Shake the mixture with the ice, add a straw, and enjoy!

A good pairing

I'll be honest, this drink is INSANELY sweet. If you're like me, you'll have no issue with that though. Sometimes, I find that I like to pair this sweet drink with a little salty snack. Today, I had a few salted Macadamia nuts alongside my drink to have in between every few sips. DELICIOUS!

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