When I first started running, I started getting MAJOR pains everywhere. First it was my heel, then it was my knee, and so on. I was wearing an old pair of Nike sneakers I had in my closet, so I figured I’d go out and buy a new pair. Me, knowing nothing about how much shoes can impact one’s running performance, went to TJ Maxx and asked their sales associate for advice on which shoes were best for running. I was directed to a cute pair of pink Nikes that were absolutely the wrong suggestion. The pain in my knee kept getting worse and worse.


So, I went forward and did some more research. My Aunt Patty is super into running, and she said she’d take me to the running store to get evaluated and get some real recommendations on nice shoes. Boy let me tell ya, although there may be some sticker shock, DO THIS!!! Getting a professional to look at how you run and provide advice for the best qualities a shoe can provide you with is crucial. Being new to running, I didn’t know what support I did or didn’t need. 


This trip led me to my first pair of “official” running shoes, Brooks. Let me tell you something- these shoes were AMAZING. Although there was a minor adjustment period, all of my pains started going away. I trained and ran for my first 5k in these shoes. And then my first half marathon. And then my first 10 mile race…. and another few 5ks and 10 milers. You know the advice to change shoes every 6 or so months depending on how much you run… well I was determined to get the most out of my money.


However, by the time I ran my most recent race— Broad Street Run (10 miles)— nearly 2 years with having my shoes, I realized that they, in fact, were dead. Not just dead, but deader than dead.


So this weekend I made a trip to the outlets, and saw that there was an Asixs outlet. I never tried Asicxs before, so I figured I’d go in and see what they had. One of their managers came over to me to ask if I needed assistance. Yes please! So she had me walk and re-evaluated the way I walk/run. I had picked up a pair before she came over to me, and tried those on along with her suggestions. Here’s what I found:  


Pair I tried on before manager assistance:


I swear I wasn't strictly attracted to them because they're pink!! Lol. When I asked the manager about these, she said that while they were good for running, they were better for if I were doing triathlons. A big feature in these is their ability to adapt well when wet (and triatholons and the swimming and all...). For those of you who don’t know me, me and non-stationary bikes don’t mix well. LOL. So even though a triathlon is on my some-day bucket list, they weren’t what I needed right now. They were comfy, but the ones I decided to go with were better.

Manager's 1st recommendation:


These did nothing for me. The first pair I tried on in my typical size, 6.5, and wasn’t a fan. The lining around the outside/top of the shoe was very stiff and rubbed super weird on my toes. I tried a size up and this provided a little relief from that, but overall, I wasn't a fan.


Her 2nd recommendation:










The winning pick! I put these shoes on right away and felt how amazing they are! The first thing I noticed was how much support I had under the ball of my foot. No joke, they felt like a cloud. They have these little air pockets and they felt SO nice. The difference between these and the older version of this style is that these have 3 air pockets and the other ones only had one. These I really noticed the support, where the others didn’t provide the same feeling and just felt like any other shoes without them in them.


My recommendations for finding your perfect running shoes:


-Get evaluated. Having a pro watch how you walk and give you recommendations for what to look for in a shoe is very valuable information.


-Don’t be afraid to make the investment. While the price tag can be high, the investment is so worth it. Look at me- I got 2 years out of  them!


-Shop around. Even though you’re willing to make the investment, make sure to shop around! When I was in the Asics outlet, you’d think outlets have the best prices, right? Wrong. I went online to find reviews of the shoes while I was sitting in the store and found out that online they were having a sale! The shoes were $11 cheaper online! This can be the case from store to store or from online to in-store (which I found to be weird). So I just showed the girl at the register the price difference online and she price matched it!

Asics Noosa FF 2

Asics Gel Cumulus 19

Asics Gel Nimbus 19

New Shoes, New Brand, New Me

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